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Overdale Lot in the Works to be Sold!!

17/04/2011 23:10
In a recent article published in the Gazette by Allison Lambert ,she stated that Robert Landau the owner of the Overdale lot in which the LaFontaine mansion stands is in the works to sold.  Hopefully the city officals and government will step in on this matter.  Read more...

The Link Newspaper Article

11/03/2011 22:06
Fresh Eyes on an Old House Fighting to Protect Lafontaine’s Mansion Celia Ste Croix — March 1, 2011 | No Comments You’ve probably seen that Heritage Minute spot on TV where Baldwin and Lafontaine fight for responsible government in the 1800s. You know—responsible government, where...

Peaceful Advocacy

23/02/2011 11:30
Hi Everyone, We are organizing a project for one of our Public History classes in which we hope to have citizens in Montreal engage with their History. We are organizing a little advocacy or protest to raise awareness about the Mansion of Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine built in the 1830's. If you are...

MÉTRO MONTREAL Newspaper Article

31/01/2011 21:43
Here's the link to yet another newspaper that mentions our project. Despite certain inaccuracies, such as the number of students working on this project, we can't complain about getting more attention. Today's Metro Montreal Newspaper.

Our Project is Mentioned on The Gazette Website

29/01/2011 16:09
We've generated some interest from The Gazette! Read more here.

Website Under Construction

28/01/2011 23:23
Hello everyone, We will quickly be getting this website underway so you will have the most up to date information about the Mansion. We will try to update this site with current events and any news we hear about the mansion. Hope you also enjoy the historical information as well which we will...
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