Defender of the French Language



Why is LaFontaine Called the Defender of the French Language?



LaFontaine and Balwdin together founded the first responsible government in Canada, yet LaFontaine did more to protect the rights of his fellow French Canadians. LaFontaine made it his duty to only speak French as a politician which he considered his mother tongue. Although he spoke English he explained how every man should be able to express himself in his mother tongue.  He defended the rights of French Canadians to speak their native language and in Boucherville, his birth place, a statue was erected which names him the "Père du governement responsable" et "Défenseur de la langue français" meaning “Father of responsible government and defender of the French Language.”[13] The reason for this is due to the facts listed above; the French Canadians saw LaFontaine as trying to protect their rights in contrast to the Tories whose goals were mostly in their oppression.







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