Watch our Documentary on the LaFontaine Mansion


Here you can view our documentary on the historic mansion of Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine. In order to convey our message to a greater public we have conceived of ways to reach as many people as possible.  In regards to this undertaking, we have built this website and the documentary film found here. In doing so we are utilizing different forms of multimedia technology to garner as much public interest as possible.  It is to our knowledge that some people enjoy learning in a more visual manner rather than textual, so this documentary will help enlighten you about the information also found on this website. Enjoy!





English Translations

Kelly, student:

Evidently the government isn't doing enough because if we look at the condition the Mansion is in, we see that, you know, they're not doing anything to take care of it. They're leaving it to crumble to the ground. They don't care, so I find it true when you said that a francophone...of course, it's really important because when you think about it, the province of Quebec feels strongly about it and he (LaFontaine) was really important not just for Quebec but Canada as well, you know. You'd think that they would really push on that but they're not doing's sad.


Simon, student:

Be it the only material heritage that is placed in Quebec, whether it is the construction of a tunnel, it would be sufficient for me that in the historiography that (LaFontaine) left behind is enough that we can consider, at least restore the place where he lived. As is the case among the political personalities in the domain of French Canadians, particularly among French Canadians, we have the tendency to forget that one of the most important events that we associate with is the Rebellion of 1837-1838. It wasn't an ethnic problem but rather a political conflict that targeted, that is to say, that demanded of the metropol the question of a responsible government among others. As it is an important heritage in reflection to the Rebellions which is an important historiographical event, primarily in the foundation of the French Canadian nation.