Interpretation Centre Proposal



    You may be wondering how someone could turn an old 1830's mansion into an interpretive center, or even just what does an "interpretation center" mean?  In order to create an easier visual about what could potentially occur within the LaFontaine interpretation center, we have decided to use the former mansion of George Etienne Cartier, another prominent politician whose Mansion in Montreal is from the 1830's Neo-classical design.  Using his residence as a precedence, it will help illustrate how LaFontaine's Mansion could thrive and educate the public. Cartier's residence has already been converted into a historical interpretation center and seems to be working well which makes it a perfect model for what we hope the LaFontaine Mansion could achieve:

    We have remodeling activities which are now offered in the Cartier house to explore activites which could also be undertaking in the LaFontaine interpretation center, and we would like to give full credit to Parcs Canada for some of the photos.  The LaFontaine interpretation center would typically be remodeled into its former Victorian glory like Cartier's house. The second floor of the building would have a classroom which is where some of these classes could take place.  The rest of the house would act as a glimpse into Canada's past.


Education in the LaFontaine Interpretation Center!


Bilingual Guided Tour
A brief but interactive tour would be completed exploring the LaFontaine & Baldwin era. The guide would bring visitors back through the political upheaval which occured during the 1837-38 Upper and Lower Canadian Rebellions. Visitors would feel immersed in the history as the guide explained LaFontaine’s feats, trying to align himself with the public and defend their rights. LaFontaine and Baldwin are hailed as the Fathers of Responsible Government in Canada and Lafontaine the Defender of the French Language in Quebec! This tour will allow visitors from Montreal or even abroad to feel a connection through the site itself.  Allow yourself to be swept back into a different time!
Time: 1hr
Fee: 5$


LaFontaine Defender of the French Language: Learning Basic French!
Visitors can take an interactive tour of the Victorian Mansion of LaFontaine and practice their French communication skills as they go. They could add vocabulary and learn new works as they tour the beautiful 1830’s chambers.[1]  This will be a very basic lesson for those interested in learning a bit of French skills as they also learn about the History of Canada.  There is a direct connection here to represent the French language which would make LaFontaine proud!
*Intermediate and Advanced tours available upon request.
Time: 1hr
Fee: 3.50$
Learning about Montreal Culture in French!

Are you new in Montreal or perhaps just want to learn more about your city and its language? The LaFontaine Mansion offers indepth classes on Montreal History in French.  You would be privy to the best historians and language professors in the city who would help you learn the most you possibly can! These courses are offered in a package of twelve.

Time: 1.50 X 12 classes
Fee: 350$



Interested in Tourism, Animation and Cultural Research, Communications and Museum Studies? Join Us![2]
This specialized tour is normally aimed at visitors with tastes in one of the above categories and can inform visitors of the ways a historic site can be used to promote a better understanding of Canadian history.[3] “The guide-interpreter will focus, among other topics, on the appropriate reception of various types of clientèle, the overall management of the historic site.”[4] In terms of museum studies, the site can be reserved for large groups to teach a conservation or caring for historical buildings class upon request.
Time: 2hrs
Fee: 15$




Learn How to Build Victorian Styles and Furnishings: Cabinet-making, Design and Architecture [5]
Are you interested in learning how Victorian styles of furniture were made? We offer classes with certified instructors who will educate you on how furnishings were built during this era. Want to impress your friends and family with a vintage looking piece of furniture? Now you can! You don't have to be artistic or even handy because our skilled instructors will teach you step by step the methods of creation.  Each class will take you to a different level, so sign up for all the classes in order to finish your Victorian creation!
Time: 5hrs each, 10 classes total
Fee: 30$
* Fee includes supplies and tools for each individual class

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