Where is the mansion located?

The mansion can be found near the Lucien-L'Allier metro station at 1395 Overdale, Montreal, Quebec.



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When was the mansion built and for whom?

The mansion was built in the 1830s and initially built for Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine. LaFontaine was the first Canadian Prime Minister of the United Province of Canada.

What has been done for the mansion so far?

More than twenty years ago, the mansion was set to be demolished. Heritage Montreal, stepped forward and prevented the demolition from taking place. Thanks to Heritage Montreal, the mansion has been cited as a historic monument. However, the Canadian Government has shown little interest in preserving this historic site, a problem which exists today.

What do we hope to achieve with our project?


We understand that these things do take time. However, we hope that by informing people about the building that we can increase community advocacy. We believe that the biggest problem for the building is the lack of information about the building itself and so the Montreal community is unaware Mansion and is left in disarray. If the only thing we achieve is to raise community awareness at least that will be one stepping stone towards the ideal goal. This website will act as a secondary resource to covey the message to a grander public.  We also hope to explore many different multimedia experiences in order to reach the public from  multiple mediums.