Peaceful Advocacy

23/02/2011 11:30

Hi Everyone,

We are organizing a project for one of our Public History classes in which we hope to have citizens in Montreal engage with their History. We are organizing a little advocacy or protest to raise awareness about the Mansion of Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine built in the 1830's. If you are not sure who he is, he played an enormous role in the development of Canadian politics and you can read more about him here

We are hoping to get a lot of people to come out and we will be filming the event and giving out pamphlets we have made. Heritage Montreal has been trying to get the City of Montreal to do something which is historically fitting for the house for many years now, but so far they have been indifferent. We are hoping to get a bit of attention on this house which is left in such a sad state and the city of Montreal should be ashamed. More information can be found here,

Hope to see you there!